Get Ready to Geek Out: Abacus Brands' VR Toys That Make Learning Cool!

on March 28, 2024

Step into a world of wonder with Abacus Brands! 🚀 Our shelves are stocked with their dynamic educational science kits and VR toys, designed to spark curiosity and ignite imagination in every child. 🌟

Forget boring textbooks! Abacus Brands merges captivating book content with cutting-edge tech, creating an interactive learning experience that kids love. 📚💻 Plus, their products promote imaginative play, stimulating both the logical and creative sides of young minds. 🧠✨

Ready to embark on a learning adventure? Check out these amazing products from Abacus Brands, available in-store now! 🎁

PROFESSOR MAXWELL'S VR SCIENCE KIT FOR KIDS: Dive in to your own science lab! Materials includes a 48 piece set, a 64 page book, and your own VR goggles!

SHARK LAB VR: This interactive activity kit includes a 40pg shark book, along with a Megalodon fossil dig-out, and VR goggles to come face to face with sharks in virtual reality!
SOLAR SYSTEM VR: This interactive activity set includes a full set of paints, along with a brush to build and customize your very own functional planetarium of the solar system as you understand our planets and their relationship with the sun! Then, put on the included VR goggles to teleport through the galaxy in virtual reality.
DINO DIG VR: This immersive activity set includes a collectible poster and all the materials you need to dig out your very own fossil, including VR goggles to explore dinosaurs in virtual reality!
VIRTUAL REALITY - ANIMALS!: This virtual reality gift set includes a 96 page DK book loaded with over 40 immersive experiences, including VR goggles and collectible scratch art!
Shop More exciting VR Gift Sets from Abacus Brands from the Little Big Kid Company! 



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